The Anxious Hunt For Identity


Many psychological factors help to explain why people are motivated to be in fashion.These include conformity,variety-seeking,personal creativity and sexual attraction.Many of us seem to have a “need for uniqueness”:we want to be different,but not to different.For this reason people often conform to the basic outlines of a fashion,but try to improvise and make a personal statement within these guidelines.

Fashion tend to sweep through countries ;it seems that all of sudden everyone is doing the same thing or wearing the same styles. some sociologists view fashion as a form of collective behavior,or a wave of social conformity.Fashion is a very complex process which operates on many levels.At one extreme,it is a macro,societal phenomenon affecting many people simultaneously.At the other, it exerts a very personal effect on individual behavior.

In our modern society there is no fashion,only fashions,and no rules,only choices,and where the norms and rules can no longer be dictated by solely from the haute couture or other cultural gatekeepers but the person allows themselves the freedom in creating a personal look by mixing elements from different styles,with a greater degree of choice than in the past because of advances in technology and distribution. Even those trying to rebel against fashion dictates by turning to ugliness as a motif for their choice of “look” cannot escape. Ugliness in a variety of forms is becoming increasingly fashionable.

People see themselves as they imagine others see them.Since what others see includes a person’s clothing,jewellery,furniture,car and so on it stands to reason that these products also help to find the perceived self. The products we consume place us in a social role,which helps to answer the question “Who Am I NOW?” . Of course this is just a social identity….


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