Do you treat your SKIN right?

In my adolescent years i never had problems with my skin until few years ago in my early 20’s when a bad acne hit my face in a very bad way… Believe me not a good memory of those days.Some of you may even understand.After numerous visits to different dermatologists in different countries,after a wide number of treatments i got my skin back.I’m the type that in every negative thing i try to find the bright side and in this case is that i became a ‘beauty conscious’ girl. I read about every new topic in the industry,I try every product that i think it suits me and what i learned from all this is that is up to you to know and understand what’s good for your skin (this of course after you pay a visit to your dermatologist and you are sure you know what type your skin) . Having a good skin is a must,is always in fashion, is not a trend. And like you already know, a good skin start from inside,with what you eat and drink,with what you think,yes what you think because stress leave signs on your face. We have no excuses to treat our skins bad with all the information available at our finger tips  and the wide range of beauty products available out there. Quality is not in the price always quality is in the ingredients of the products and here is just you that can educate yourself by reading speciality magazines,blogs,by asking the right persons and like this you will come up with the solutions to treat your skin right.Start now and you’ll be grateful to yourself later.

Your Opinion Is Important!

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