Citizens Of Fashion:Uma Wang


She’s a designer; actually, without a doubt she is one of the most successful Chinese designers. She studied at the China Textile University of Shanghai and at London’s Central Saint Martins. Before launching her eponymous line Uma Wang, she worked as an assistant for a Chinese brand. Besides designing the shapes, she also creates the threads and fabrics on her own. “As a child, in northern China, I would spend hours watching my father prepare medicines by using different ingredients, almost like a wizard. Today, when I go to the weaving factories and when with experts I create new combinations to create fabrics, I feel a bit like him. I also use tons of colors, I combine them and mix them until finding the gradation I was looking for”.

“I always start with colors and fabrics and from there I invent and proceed according to my creative instinct, even though for me it is very important to share with the people I work with. My studio is my house, my family. Actually, it’s my strength. Thanks to my team I can travel and live unique experiences like the one I’ve recently lived in New York, as a guest of Anna Wintour, to understand how the market and fashion system works. Or the time I spend in Italy to create my fabrics”.

She showed her collections at fashion week in Milan and, more recently, Paris. As she said, her international exploration broadened her horizons and helped her to grasp the edge of mode while her Chinese orientation inspired her unique style.She described the loose cut in relation to the traditional Tao philosophy. “A true feminine beauty is represented in moving like wind, and being still as water”. Thus, Chinese traditional dresses were all loose and oversized, which gave freedom of movement. Taoism says that freedom of movement unleashes mental pressures and then keeps a harmony between “body and soul”. Therefore whoever wears an Uma Wang  dress can not only enjoy physical comfort, but also a mental freedom – a sense of living with nature, embracing the air and water.

Some looks from her SS 2013 collection.


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