La Perla:Lingerie And Desiderio

Stories Of Seduction
Round,sensual,precious and feminine,just like a pearl. In her little workshop in bologna more than 60 years ago,the courageous Ada Masotti considered every piece of lingerie in this way:a jewel kept in chests lined with red velvet. Those same models have prefigured long time ago,the trends of the last Milan catwalks at the hegemony of lace and outwear underwater corollaries of a return to true femininity. The essence of one of the most representative brands of the excellence of Made in Italy lives today in the monograph “Lingerie and Desire” published by Rizzoli. Through archival images,unpublished shots and artistic photographs made among others by the lens of Marino Parisotto,Nadir,Michelangelo di Battista,Gianpaolo Sgura and Vincent peters this volumes explores the iconographic evolution of a brand that has written a fundamental page of the history of costume,as explained by Isabella Cardinali,author of the texts of the book. “This is not a purely celebratory text of a fashion brand but it is the story in pictures that winds around some expressive codes of the universe of La Perla:body,black,white,precious,inspiration,eros”.









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