Objects Of Desire: Diamonds

The latest trend in jewellery? Auctions of pieces where collectors compete against each other under the hammer. Heart stopping!

In a world marked by continual changes,where everything is hectic and technology rules there is a growing sense of continuation,or going back to one’s roots,of retracing history. A clear example is the record making auction of Liz Taylor’s jewellery where the wedding bands of the actress made one million dollars under the auctioneer’s hammer. Not to mention the one held by Sotheby’s dedicated to jewellery that had belonged to high ranking individuals where the Beau Sancy diamond was bought for an incredible amount of money: far more than what the experts had valued it at,and which included an estimate for its historical value. The person that purchased it was certainly not interested in it for its characteristics (34,98carats: which equates to the size of a dried apricot). It’s hue and purity were neither of them exceptional. The person that bought it was most definitely attuned to its historical value and the idea of becoming a part of history by possessing it. Its first owner was Maria de’Medici(1573-1642), wife of Henry IV, King of France. She had learned from here father that no other gem is able to convey the aura of majesty as much as a diamond. The colours of rubies,sapphires and emeralds cannot be seen from far away,while the diamond,which absorbs the intensity and brilliance of light is able to attract looks from a distance. She therefore decided to buy the greatest diamonds around – the Sauncy and the Beau Sancy ,55,132 and 34,98 carats respectively which took their names from financier and diplomat Nicholas Harley de Sancy . But the Sancy had been purchased by James I of England ,who wore it on his hat,so she bought just The Beau Sancy for her private collection. During the centuries it had been readapted according to circumstances ,in splendid tiaras and pendants and in each case was the centerpiece of colorful royal marriages,where it was customary by the brides to wear crown jewels as a sign of wealth.
During the auction ,five bidders fought over lot 595 which went for 9,699,618 dollars. Eight minutes later and the royal gem was the preserve of an anonymous telephone buyer who together with the gem bought his or her way into history.






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