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A few of Dr. Colbert’s model clients : Rosie Huntington WhiteleyLaetitia Casta & Erin Heatherton | Image Credit –

As one of New York’s premiere dermatologistsDr. David Colbert knows a thing or two about perfect skin. His client base that ranges from supermodels, to some of Hollywood’s most beautiful women, but his techniques are simple enough to be implemented by everyone. MDC caught up with the skincare authority to talk product, pampering and how he’s using his medical expertise to do incredible charity work in Haiti and Cambodia.

MDC: With all the different areas in medicine, what made you choose dermatology?

Dr. Colbert: I chose internal medicine first in order to master the art of healthy living from the inside out.  I always knew dermatology was my ultimate passion. As a first year med student in France I fell in love with the science and biology of the skin.  The study and practice of dermatology in France is both an art and a science and it had its birthplace in Paris as a recognized sub-specialty in medicine.  In the early 60s Americans began to really recognize dermatology as a bona fide medical specialty requiring a minimum of 8 years of study.

MDC: What are some of the primary concerns your patients want addressed?

Dr. Colbert: Top concerns my clients want addressed are skin radiance, even skin tone, reversal of sun damage, pore size, skin laxity, adult acne, hyper-pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles. ColbertMD skincare addresses all these concerns because it is a systematic, natural and easy approach to healthy glowing skin.

MDC: What are some simple things that people can do to care for their skin?

Dr. Colbert: 
1. Use sunblock daily
2. Never tan
3. Don’t smoke
4. Eat non-processed food
5. Exercise moderately
6. Drink water every 4 hours
7.  Use Retin-A nightly after 35-40 years of age.
8. Gentle exfoliation with Intensify Discs 2-3 times a week.
9.  Use serums with glycolic acid 3 times a week or more.
10. Take an occasional break from ALL skincare products.
11. Use what feels good on your skin.
12. Never pick or over scrub the skin.
13. Always do the same thing to the neck hands and chest.
14. Have a derm expert help with your regime.

MDC: You have so many notable clients, have you learned anything from them over the years?

Dr. Colbert: From them I have learned that less is more. Simple skincare and great nutrition and lots of water, rest, good sleep and a positive attitude will give you “that glow”. Never overwork your skin and never eat processed food. Sunblock ALWAYS- never tan. My Intensify Discs and Stimulate Serum along with Heal and Soothe night cream are the “secret weapon” for radiant skin.

MDC: What are some things that people who are older can do to protect their skin?

Dr. Colbert: As I said before, to protect your skin as you age always wear sunblock, never tan, always treat your face, neck, chest and hands with your skincare regime. Eat non-processed foods. Use Retin A after age 40 and add an oil to your face after age 45. I like Olio lusso combined with my HEAL and SOOTHE.Drink water every 3 or 4 hours.  Get 3 fraxels (a restorative laser treatment)  year after 40. Get rid of skin tags and bumps and lumps.  Sleep 8 hours a night and be a regular at your dermatologist. Get an IPL treatment a few times a year (fotofacial) and laser away broken blood vessels.  All my celeb clients do the TRIAD facialmonthly (microdermabrasion with laser toning and a flower acid peel) This tones the skin and renders remarkable radiance at any age.

Don’t be afraid of small amounts of fillers and Botox.  Your skin is like an expensive fabric.  It can and should be maintained like your favorite cashmere sweater. Technology combined with the ColbertMD Daily Nutrition for Skin can help keep you looking fresh for years to come.

A selection of products from the ColbertMD range

MDC: What makes your skincare line unique from what is on the market right now?

Dr. Colbert: Colbert MD is based on my years of experience as both a medical internist AND dermatologist who worked in the Chanel labs in Paris learning the French secrets of how to create a unique blend of natural ingredients which anti-age the skin. We use Qusome technology which is borrowed from the science of anesthiology. The Qusome delivers bigger effective molecule thru the outer layers of skin into the dermis where collagen producing cell reside.  With Qusomes we now can help regenerate the fabric of our skin.

Our unique system calls for 3 times weekly home light micro-exfoliation with milk acids, glucosamine and a microdermabrasion sheath. Then we add our Stimulate Serum  with glycolic acid, goji berry extract and other natural botanicals to wash away dead cells and promote new cell growth. This is followed by our rich Heal and Soothe night cream containing angelica sinesis and shea butter to relax the skin while you sleep. Night is a time for healing sleep and your skin needs this to look dewey and radiant the next day.

The day is for nutrifying and protecting the skin against pollution, sun, stress, wind and other environmental toxins. Our Nutrify and Protect lotion is light and fresh and combines well with make up. It contains goji berry extract to protect from free radicals that chop up collagen and cause aging. It also contains tremella mushroom extract-which is the strongest moisturizer on planet earth.  It is a natural form of hyaluronic acid better known as a form Restylane a natural filler used to abate wrinkles. Nourish, the eye cream of our line, contains ascein which helps reduce puffiness by increasing circulation. It is feather light and also contains a brightening agent – a form of vitamin C.

A systemic approach to skincare is achieved easily with Colbert MD daily nutrition for skin because one line provides all the needed steps AT HOME to “give that glow” that stars like Naomi WattsRachel Weisz andMichelle Williams depend on to look fresh and radiant on the set or the red carpet.



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