Noël A Paris!

In 1909, Bon Marché in Paris kick-started the trend for Christmas windows, and since then, stores the world over have celebrated the festive season with extravagant displays of fashion fantasy.

Bon Marché

The Bon Marché Rive Gauche is celebrating Christmas in black and gold for its 160th anniversary. The store’s huge windows in rue de Sèvres are showcasing enchanting scenes of famous Left Bank monuments, with musical birds, etc. For children, the department store has ‘Histoires de Noël’, a string of special activities and entertainment: puppet shows, merry-go-round, stories, dancing, magic tricks … all in a wonderful, magical setting.

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For Christmas, the Printemps department store has chosen to pay tribute to the House of Christian Dior, emblematic of Paris fashion, Paris couture, designer Paris and the Parisian woman. Designed as a progressive unveiling of the hidden treasures and hidden aspects of Paris. ‘Parisian inspirations by Dior’ is based on 4 symbolic places: a Private Mansion House, a Ball at the Opera House, a Winter Garden and a Party.

The facades are decorated in luminous curled shapes echoing the ornamental design of formal French-style gardens, and hot air balloons symbolize an imminent departure.
The Printemps window displays are an invitation to journey into the heart of a snow-white Paris. Each window scene portrays an emblematic place in the capital: the ‘Winter Garden’, the ‘Café de la gare’, the ‘Opera House’ and ‘Avenue Montaigne’, etc.
For the 4 animated window displays, ‘the Eiffel Tower Ice-skating Rink’, ‘the Rooftops, the Balloons’, ‘the Fun-fair’, the Ball’, 74 dolls will faithfully model iconic outfits of the couturier Christian Dior.

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Galeries Lafayette

Galeries Lafayette presents the ‘Christmas of the Century’ to celebrate in style the one hundredth anniversary of the store’s famous Cupola.

Louis Vuitton decorates several window displays on the theme ‘The Ball of the Century’, taking his inspiration from the architecture of the store’s art nouveau dome. The Disney princessesRapunzel, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty … also bring a special magic to the window scenes of the Haussmann store.
As is the tradition, under the cupola stands a majestic 21-metre-high Christmas tree, laden with 120 Swarovski crystal ornaments and raised up by a dazzling light, 9-metres in diameter, adorned with 5,000 multifaceted Swarovski crystal stars.

The facade of Galeries Lafayette is cloaked in new lightening by artist-sculptor Yann Kersalé ‘Chrysalide’. This work of art will change in the course of the seasons and is rounded off by a permanent installation on the cupola of the department store.18b76e4d-8a36-404b-ba9e-d423bac7817e bca1e16f-a397-48c2-9d50-debaec9360e5 db3d9801-2558-47d1-ad47-272047b24872



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