The 2013 Campari Calendar Kisses Superstitions Goodbye

By Meghan Young

Actress Penelope Cruz tests her luck in the 2013 Campari Calendar. Aptly titled, ‘Kiss Superstition Goodbye,’ it finds the Spanish beauty surrounded by taboo elements including a glaring of black cats, opened umbrellas indoors and dangerously cracked mirrors. Of course, she shows confidently that these are all unfounded fears perpetuated by superstitious societies.

Helping her to bravely confront these fears is the Italian alcohol beverage, which is Cruz’s constant companion in the 2013 Campari Calendar. Shot by photographer Kristian Schuller, she complements this warm-colored cocktail with glamorous red dresses from the likes of Emilio Pucci and Salvatore Ferragamo. The looks are finished with jewelry by Chopard as well as Cruz’s voluminously lush hair and flawless face.2013-campari-calendar 173391_3_600 173391_4_600 173391_5_600 173391_6_600 173391_7_600 173391_8_600 173391_9_600 173391_10_600


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