Vogue Japan:Ready To Party

By Jordanna Tennebaum

Vogue Japan’s ‘Ready to Party’ editorial will be displayed in the magazine’s January 2013 issue. As the timing coincides with the holiday season, it is fitting that stylist Sophia Hesketh dressed model Daga Ziober in cocktail dresses only.

Hesketh chose an assortment of ruffled and frilly dresses for Ready to Party. Shimmering futuristic pieces are showcased alongside feathers, bunched cloth and see-through bits of sequins, offering a range of looks for valentines day events and new years parties.

Photographer Matt Irwin chose an all-white and light purple backdrop for this Vogue Japan spread. It is in this way that he made the dainty apparel pop as the splashes of bright purple, gold, blue and yellow stood out before the camera.175985_2_600 175985_3_600 175985_4_600 175985_9_600



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