Fashion Magazine Canada: Haute Couture

0a930bfacca21313340c5216ed69919f6f60f69ce593dd85d98c4dddec48601001b517152338ab05d2f4a02cb67f905f 6e11e6d62189eea0ad53cc139126d70c 412bc89494cc8a08ba4bd37f7bfd6670 2584dd99df638c12fce383386292f3df 9427abc8a4222ac6c5bad08393f9d461 f0485d5b68808f49c749f476805a2910 f7a0991fff926b71675bd7f171e989c0 c00385ad0442a5217c484c69905b0656 b56e124d438025eeaf89611d4ce0872f“A Canadian in Paris” Featuring Amanda Nimmo in Haute Couture Photographed by Benjamin Kanarek for the 35th Anniversary of Fashion Magazine Canada

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