Harper’s Bazaar Brazil:In My Castel

d980900757ee3c4863e296777b22e444ec9eb6bd259df8fbc3f6d8c8bbd11381 eb68bea590bee5b9105274e34a50a4a3 a5885d8386b97c30826dd3840e5d0246 545067b998e39b468fa00473e4d1d2d8 158376bd0eb4087e28bf0fcff6c0fe3e 620e16f31a5f8f2255e949e2d012a955 296b349f242848220d0bb4dbf3dee5d4 96aee058a8d36a3f2bbae6be83b5a22f 69d5507662a483b2577051e274130eb6 035f51fba28e465e7f04c3e23ce3f19d 8dbafaaef35dbce214646e8bc3ad91b0“In My Castle” Model Maud Welzen in Haute Couture for the November 2012 Issue of Harper’s BAZAAR by Benjamin Kanarek

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