Louboutin Spring/Summer 2011

d038214fa79589c669ad03d469e878b4 7b1d2013af2491e5d945addee0ca4488 afdcb17320a7db7ec83b4f727505515f a68b51266062db7a44237e0cd9c7b93d 6034526f51370ca57c54b569cfef6f59 7af22bbc4b3482008afc24179a9ce08aArt Direction and Photography : Khuong Nguyen
Production : Twop
Studio : LB Studio
Retouching : Made for com (Fred Witzgall)
Specials  thanks : S. Gaumé, C. Durand, E. Caussarieu, G. Flajszer, A. Truffaut, M. Backx.

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