St.Ermin’s Hotel:Royal Accommodations

st-ermins-hotel 170735_3_600 170735_5_600 170735_4_600 170735_6_600 170735_2_600 170735_7_600 170735_8_600 170735_9_600St. Ermin’s Hotel has just recently underwent major refurbishment to the fine cost of $48 million and was recently voted the most top secret luxury location in London, UK. Nestled in the heart of the Westminster district, St. Ermin’s Hotel harbors the rich and famous—and occasionally the royal as well. This upscale hotel is close to Parliament, roaming city parks, the shopping district of Knightsbridge, stunning Buckingham Palace and the Thames. In the heart of London’s history and luxury, the hotel costs a pretty penny to experience the royal lifestyle.

The hotel has stood the test of time, leaving behind copious amounts of history in the making. The chandeliers, red brick and foundation are all tribute to its additions from over the centuries. Can’t afford to spend the night? The St. Ermin’s Hotel also has a luxurious restaurant fit for a royal couple.

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