I Am Addicted To Beauty But Beauty Is Personal,No?




The Supermodel Gemma Ward

I found the blog of this amazingly beautiful girl who see herself as…. fat.She is a skinny beautiful girl that is a victim of the media.Of the world we live in.Here is something she is writing about herself:

I am worthless. I keep on gaining weight. Hating myself. My thighs are touching. I get panic attacks from wearing pants. They are too tight, I am too fat. They used to be too big, I can’t breathe in them. My fingers, my arms, my thighs. I. Can’t. Breathe.

I am destroying myself. I am a lump of fat. Sloppy. Fucking disgusting. I’ve destroyed my teeth, my face. My bones are no longer showing, not at all. I loved my bones. Cheekbones, collarbones, my hipbones. For a couple of months I had features. A face. Its all gone now, she’s gone. How the fuck am I going to make it out from this? I will end up fatter, every week. Alone. Fat and alone.

It has come to the point that its all about getting thin or die. I can’t stay this fat. I can’t. I will never live before I get out of this. How the fuck did I stop eating? I know I can do it. I did it before. How do you stop being so weak?

I have nothing. “

I would like to have her in front of me to make her see herself like she really is: Beautiful!!!

I just hope that she won’t hate me for writing about her because at the end with what right I do this?! My own blog is full of pictures of skinny models.BUT what all of us have to understand is that this are just images ,it is an industry that need to sell. All these images are the work of professional people:hair stylist,make-up artist,photographers and the best of all The godfather:The Photoshop! Body image is an issue against which even the fashion world pretend to fight! I see fashion as art. Dressing up is part of what we are,is a way  to say who we are without using words. But fashion in media got a distort face. Fashion in media has a very close relation with body image.

We live in a world that sends us all sorts of messages about the ‘perfect’ body. We are constantly receiving image related messages from different mediums, both within the media and our surrounding environments, indicating what society views as ‘beautiful’. It is not surprising then, that instead of embracing and celebrating diversity in  all body types, we concentrate on what can be dangerous and often physically unattainable perfection. As studies show, looking at fashion magazines for just three minutes lowers the self-esteem of over 80% of women.

The reality is that both males and females come in all different shapes and sizes, therefore it is unrealistic to represent only one body type as beautiful.The other reality is that these ‘perfect’ images to which we aspire are more often than not digitally enhanced (airbrushed) and manipulated before final production.

With so many physical and emotional changes occurring during puberty, it is normal throughout this time for youth to be more self aware. One in three young people say that body image is their top concern.

It’s true that many females have body related concerns and at times unfairly compare parts of their body with other women. But what many people don’t realise is that it is the same case for males. Today, more than ever, males are feeling the pressure to maintain or achieve high levels of fitness and physical perfection. Changing in sporting club rooms and going to the beach, as well as intimacy, can be extremely intimidating for many males today.
Males worry too
While it is widely known that some females worry about their appearance, most don’t realise the degree of concern for many males. ‘Metrosexuals’ seem to be a new breed in today’s society, where it’s okay to spend time and money on your appearance. Eating disorders and low self esteem are prevalent with both males and females alike.As already outlined, it is normal that some people might not always feel fantastic about their body shape and size, particularly when their body is going through a number of changes. However, for some, a preoccupation with the way their body looks can lead to severe and dangerous behaviours which can really affect their quality of life; such as developing an eating disorder.

A common misconception about eating disorders is that they stem from someone’s desire to look more beautiful; in actual fact an eating disorder is a serious and complex mental illness that can arise out of someone’s severely low self-esteem and negative view of the way their body looks. Eating disorders can affect people of any gender and age, no matter their body shape or size, although the reasons behind why someone may develop an eating disorder are highly complex, there is no one single cause.

There are 4 main ‘types’ of eating disorders:

  1. Anorexia nervosa
  2. Bulimia nervosa
  3. Binge eating disorder
  4. Eating disorders not otherwise specified

People suffering with an eating disorder commonly share a distorted view of their body coupled with intense  feelings of anxiety, isolation and depression which may be expressed through their bodies and food.

Below are a number of tips to help young people wanting to build on their self-esteem and body confidence.

Tips for young people

  • During puberty you may notice that your body is beginning to change, you may even notice that you are becoming more aware of the way your body looks; this is completely normal. If you are feeling really worried about something in particular, don’t be afraid to talk and ask questions about your concerns with someone you trust.
  • It can be self-destructive to feel ashamed of your body as a result of comparing yourself to images you see in the media. It is important to keep in mind that the images you see are often digitally enhanced, airbrushed and highly stylised pictures of celebrities and models, and therefore unrealistic and unattainable.
  • If you notice images in the media that focus on ways to alter your appearance, instead of picking apart your own appearance, it might be helpful to think about what the image might be trying to sell. Sit down with the family photo album and look at your family members at different ages and stages. You may notice that you have similar body traits to other family members. You might like to talk to about your similarities and how they make you feel. Talk to someone  about your body and how it relates to other body types in your family.
  • Have fun finding your own style. Search out the clothes that make you feel good and fit properly.
  • Fashions can come and go quickly. It can be fun to experiment with clothes and make-up, but don’t let it rule your life.
  • Try to look at yourself in the mirror with an uncritical eye, as if you were your best (very supportive and loving!) friend.
  • When focus is only on the external form, it is hard to embrace the many qualities that make a human being attractive. Think about the unique (internal) attributes you have that make you special.
  • Ultimately, feeling good about yourself can only come from one place – inside of you.

I was working in modeling for 5 years… Milan,Paris,Barcelona,New York… I lived in this world.. So I feel like I know about what i’m talking.. Fashion is not about models… Fashion is about having fun and expressing who u are through clothes,make-up,hair style….

This article is for all the people out there who feel the pressure of media images.. For the young people who have no fault but just leaving under this continuous pressure…

Remember fashion is about fun! Fashion is not bad! Media is image and behind all those images is the work of very talented people that just do what they love and they are so good at it. It is art! Some of us can like it some not! Media should entertain,should sell not to create victims… At one point I was one of them for this I feel the urge to help when i see such a beautiful girl being caught in this imaginary world.

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  1. nutsandraisins

    Hi thank you so much for taking an interest in my blog! I’ve had a browse around yours and I really love what you post. This one is really interesting and one that I can defiantly relate to (as can many teenage girls!) Thank you for the tips, they’re actually really good ideas especially the photo album one. I agree media is really influential; did you know that there were no known cases of anorexia before the media became such a vast industry? That just proves your point exactly! Anyway thanks again and I hope you keep posted as I will on your blog! : ) x

  2. Models are…. blessed with good genes, some of them can eat so much but yet not gain an ounce of weight! Plus, most of them would have a daily routine of working out to keep their body toned and looking so good because it is their rice bowl.

  3. It must be so hard when your career is based on being thin and you have to go to extremes to keep your job. The interesting thing, if you’re not a model, people do seem to prefer a woman who isn’t too thin, especially men (this is just my experience, as I’m sure everyone has a different story, but seems women are the ones too hard on themselves and other women). Picture number one of the model may be the money maker; but picture number two is sexier and guys would probably like her better in that photo, I think … So sad she is so hard on herself. Makes me want to hug her 🙂

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