100 Alberi d’Autore

Once again Rome welcomes 100 Alberi d’Autore (100 designers’ Christmas trees) the charity initiative by Associazione Sergio Valenteblumarine-christmas-tree--3--1123762_0x440

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As every year, timed with the Christmas holidays, Associazione Sergio Valente launches the charity project 100 alberi d’Autore. 100 names from the fashion (from Fendi to Tom Ford, Bulgari, Jimmy Choo and Louis Vuitton) and the entertainment business joined the initiative and came up with their own re-interpretation of the Christmas tree. The initiative kicked off with a gala evening that took place on Thursday 6th December at Fendi in Via Borgognona, Rome, and  continued with an exhibition of the trees that run from 7th to 14th December followed by the selling stage. This year the money raised from the sales of the Christmas trees will go towards  F4D – Fashion For Development and towards the restoration works on  Borgatti Theatre in Cento damaged by the earthquake that hit Emilia-Romagna.

source vogue.it

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