2012 Editorials Of The Year

From the over the top fashion spectacles, to the simple images brimming with quiet beauty, these are the glossy magazine stories that captivated us in 2012 – the loved, the hated and the fiercely debated.

Ph. Sølve Sundsbø |  W Magazine | Lara Stone & David Agbodji – Models | Marie Chaix – Fashion Editor/Stylist | Sam McKnight – Hair Stylist | Lisa Butler – Makeup Artist | Mike Pocock – Manicurist

Solve Sundsbo’s epic tribute to beauty was projected 40ft high at W’s spectacular fashion week fete. Most stories would fall flat when taken out of their magazine context, but Solve’s did the exact opposite. W’s oversized format gives you only a taste of how the jaw-dropping these images can be.

Ph. Tim Walker |  W Magazine | Kristen McMenamy – Model | Jacob K – Fashion Editor/Stylist | Julien d’Ys – Hair Stylist | Val Garland  – Makeup Artist |  Andy Hillman – Set Designer | Larissa Gunn – Casting Director

If there is one model who we can imagine inhabiting a world of pure fantasy, it is Kristen McMenamy. Is it any wonder then that she fits perfectly into Tim Walker’s fantastical, Game of Thrones influenced editorial? Epic battles fought in head to toe couture, luxe armor, medieval headdresses, this story has everything!

Ph. Fabien Baron | Interview |  Ludivine Poiblanc (Fashion Editor/Stylist| Marie Piovesan – Model | Paul Hanlon (Hair Stylist) | Jean-Hughes de Chatillon (Set Designer) | Elsa Deslandes (Manicurist) | Michelle Lee for KCD (Casting Director)

Art history buffs will see Francisco Goya’s influence all over Fabien Baron’s adventurous story for Interview. Baron has always been adept at creating stark fantasy, but here he reshapes Marie Piovesan in the mold of the masters. Ludivine Pointblanc’s skillful styling elevates this story from being simply a goth-baroque showcase for the seasons edgy pieces and pushes it into the level of art.

Ph. Nan Goldin | Grey Magazine ItalyValentina Ilardi Martin – Fashion Editor/Stylist |Carrie Anne BurtonDorte Limkilde  & Ondria Hardin – Models

The combination of Nan Goldin and Rodarte seems made for evocative images and Grey magazine’s Rodarte Monographic does not disappoint. Goldin revisits the brand’s history in her signature style and adds a new layer of visceral moodiness to Kate and Laura’s work.

Ph. Pierre Debusschere | Zuzanna Bijoch – Model | Dazed & Confused | Robbie Spencer – Fashion Editor/Stylist | Karin Bigler – Hair Stylist | Adrien Pinault – Makeup Artist | Noah Shelley for AM Casting – Casting Director

Pierre Debusschere’s skillful image manipulation has created some memorable stories over the years, but Holy Flowers may be his best to date. Elegant, artistic and of course visually arresting, this triply editorial is easily one of the years best.

Ph. Mario Sorrenti | Vogue Paris | Recine – Hair Stylist | Aaron de Mey – Makeup Artist | Igor Ouvaroff – Set Designer | Anny Errandonea – Manicurist | Brenda Abrial – Manicurist | Emmanuelle Alt –  Fashion Editor/Stylist

Unleash Mario Sorrenti and a slew of the world’s top models onto the streets of Paris and what do you get? A singularly stunning tribute to the fashion capital and all the biggest talents in design. Each house is interpreted in its own unique fashion, whether its a ruffled McQueen dangling precariously from the Eiffel Tower, or Ralph Lauren’s 30s style suits in a stylized black and white shot.

Ph. Jeff Bark | Dazed & Confused | Katie Shillingford – Fashion Editor/Stylist | Bette Franke – Model | Rick Gradone – Hair Stylist | Rick Gradone – Makeup Artist

Kittens, pink and girlish glee get taken into surrealist territory in Jeff Bark’s wonderfully weird story for Dazed and Confused. Bark has always been a master of the bizarre side of fashion, but here he manages to unleash a dizzying array of oddity, all wrapped up in a deceptively cute package.

Ph. Steven MeiselLori Goldstein – Fashion Editor/Stylist | Abbey Lee KershawLindsey WixsonDaphne GroeneveldKaren ElsonCoco RochaJoan SmallsLily DonaldsonGuinevere Van Seenus and Jessica Stam – Models | Jimmy Paul – Hair Stylist | Pat McGrath – Makeup Artist | Mary Howard – Set Designer | Lisa Logan – Manicurist

Vogue Italia always manages to push buttons, so it is unsurprising that their March coverstory was one of the most controversial and talked about editorials of the year. Everyone had an opinion on this story; some found the concept pure artistic kitsch, while others considered it offensive and insensitive. One thing everyone could agree on was that Meisel had created yet another hotly debated editorial, one people are still up in arms over months later.

Ph. Patrick Demarchelier | W Magazine | Edward Enninful – Fashion Editor/Stylist | Magda LaguingeZuzanna Bijoch & Meghan Collison – Models| Jimmy Paul – Hair Stylist | Dick Page – Makeup Artist | Lisa Jachno – Manicurist

Nothing better than a bit of experimental fashion set against a desert backdrop. The model army takes to the sands in pieces by McQueen and Chanel, looking stronger than ever thanks to Edward Enninful’s skillful styling. Perfection.

Ph. Mikael Jansson | Interview  | Karl Templer (Fashion Editor/Stylist) | Eugene Souleiman (Hair Stylist) | Suvi KoponenConstance JablonskiMatthew TerryNicklas Kingo – Models |Mark Carrasquillo (Makeup Artist) | Stefan Beckman (Set Designer) | Michelle Lee for KCD (Casting Director) | Yuna Park (Manicurist)

Mikael Jansson recreates the look and feel of Leni Riefenstahl’s classic portraits of Olympians, in this sporting story done in tribute of the 2012 games. Sculpted bodies and graphic black and white are natural partners and these shots make the most of both, creating a fitting tribute to athleticism.


 source models.com


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