The Best Street Style of 2012

The show outside of the shows is here to stay and one thing that has become evidently clear from the street style parade is that more is more. Whether wearing baroque embellishment, layers upon layers of jewelry, or mixing and matching prints from head to toe, established experts like Taylor Tomasi Hill, Caroline Issa, and Tamu McPherson continued to display the best trends of the year, while fresh faces such as Anne-Catherine Frey and Sofía Sanchez Barrenechea added an eclectic touch and created looks that were anything but predictable. Also unpredictable? Balenciaga’s space invaders sweatshirts tremendous popularity among the crowds, the reinvention of needlepoint from fusty hobby into covetable pattern, and that required finishing touch of any look: a sharply tailored blazer or coat, not worn on top, but casually thrown over the shoulders. lfw-street-1-5_115214750254 lfw-street-1-10-kate-foley_115212521879 lfw-street-1-12_115213611059 lfw-street-3-6_115215457978 milan-street-2-5b_115217376163 milan-street-2-10_115216127114 milan-street1-17_105259808363 milan-street2-11-julia-sarr-jamois_105300571929 milan-street3-6-caroline-issa_105301315130 milan-street4-16-hedvig-opshaug_105303347832 milan-street5-15-taylor-tomasi-hill_105304992652 nyfw-street-4-3-miroslava-duma_115219296478 nyfw-street-6-7-ramya-giangola_11521995484 nyfw-street2-13_105304237152 paris-street-3-10-anne-catherine-frey_115220440981 paris-street-4-15-sofia-sanchez-barranechea_11522110851 paris-street-10-elisa-nalin_105305786497 paris-street4-16-tilda-swinton_105306943854 paris-street4-32_105307834887 paris-street8-15_105308678457 street-style-2-3b_115108931086 street-style-2-42_115109509129 street-style-5-04-caroline-sieber_105309460814 street-style-coachella-0698-alek-wek_11485283618 street-style-part7-10-lily-kwong_105310804531 street-style-part8-nam-04_105310843961 street-style-part8-nam-10-hanne-gaby-odiele_105311314908 street-style-sydney1-zanita-whittington_114954738649 street-style-sydney2-13_114956899117 street-style-sydney2-40_114957300908



  1. sagar2812

    Reblogged this on Le Blog Mode and commented:
    Street style is always inspirational, it is just a completely different ballpark from fashion and style you would see on the cat walk or any where else.

    Style should be a way of injecting personality and attitude into your outfits!

    For example a well fitted blazer and trouser combination, a tailored shirt and slippers suggest a practical yet endearing combination.

    A mon avis, bien sur!

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