Horoscope Of The Week 31 December 2012 – 06 January 2013

  • Aries


    You focus on your private life this week and spend time with friends to evoke the tough and intense moments you went through. You are proud of all the decisions you made and you want to make more life changing decisions. Uranus is a strong planet that encourages Aries to take action and to make their own personal revolution. 2013 will confirm that direction, just a little calmer than 2011 and 2012. You enjoy New Year’s Eve with family. Rate 8.5

  • Leo


    The Moon is in your sign to begin the year and you feel very emotional for 2 days. Venus brings lots of joy for your love life and you are spoilt by your loved one. Pay attention to your skin, you may get some rash or red plaques, due to too much chocolate and cakes and your digestive system is over reacting.  You are the one taking care of older people and your brothers or sisters count on you. Generosity with your energy is a great Leo quality but you may need to put boundaries on that. Rate 7.5

  • Sagittarius


    Thanks to Venus in Sagittarius, you feel much loved. If you are single, a new story seems to start and you flirt over the phone or send each other fun textos. You better have unlimited minutes as you use your phone a lot day and night. You stay in touch with all your friends from all over the world, as you are internationally connected. You are conscious that you are so attracted to people from a different country. You take care of your body, with a gentle program of exercise. Rate 8

  • Taurus


    You love sharing good food with your relatives and friends, especially if you are the one cooking as you know what you put in the recipes so you can control the ingredients. Taurus is usually gourmet. Be ready to exercise this week to burn the calories of celebrating too much the New Year beginning. You make projects for the year 2013 and you calculate what you can afford. You got some rewards or bonus lately, so you can accomplish some nice projects. Rate 9

  • Virgo


    You finally realize that if you want to have love in your life, there are some changes to make. Your temper needs to be tamed, your criticism needs to calm down, the way you dress needs some updates also. You become conscious of all that and decide to follow the advice of Gemini, Leo, or Scorpio friends who are ready to give you tips or to introduce you to potential partners. And this time you will say yes or give a try at least. 2013 will be a good year for love for you! Rate 8

  • Capricorn


    You are upset about the one you love as you have a feeling that he or she wants to spend more time with family or friends and not so much with you. You will be cold and distant to show that you are not happy with him or her but don’t build any storm, it is not necessary. Fortunately some close friends really want to spend some quality time with you. Vent your anger through physical activity as it is good for you, Mars in Capricorn gives you stamina. Rate 7

  • Gemini


    You get so many invitations this week that you can afford to say yes or no according to what you feel. You make the resolution to be surrounded by positive and nurturing people. And you let only people you chose to be close to you. Jupiter will give you some interesting professional possibilities but no rush, you have time to decide. If you are in a couple, you spend a lot of time laughing and joking together, feeling comfortable with or without friends. Rate 8.5

  • Libra


    After New Year’s Eve, you want time to regroup and think about what you want to express in this year 2013. Intimacy is important to you, cocooning and cuddling with your loved one is your program. If you are single, a friend keeps telling you about somebody but you don’t feel like meeting him or her now. You want to put things in order in your home and be ready to receive somebody in a nice environment. Some people in your family disagree strongly but you don’t need to go in the middle of it. Rate 7

  • Aquarius


    You feel a rush of energy during the day and you do as much as you can. In the evenings, though you go to bed, happy to rest! A friend of yours is giving you a hard time with some kind of jealousy because you are so popular. New friends are taking you in new places and you are always ready to share with your old friends. You are the one who knows all the good places to go! Your open mind and your free spirit are always working. You attract a very seducing person! Rate 9

  • Cancer


    If you are married, Sun, Mars and Pluto are working on you to change a lot of things in that relationship. Some conflicts may be involved and old couples need to brush up their routine. If you are just in a love relationship without ties, you are on the contrary deepening your feelings and share a lot more day after day and you think about building a future together. You may rest about work as no emergencies will break your relaxation. Rate 7

  • Scorpio


    Your life in 2013 will be turned to structure, discipline and renewal of your values. You may end a toxic relationship with your parents or an ex who is still around months after you broke up. If you want to get a new job or start your own company, 2013 is the year for the Scorpios! You will progress and accomplish things you don’t even you are capable of doing now. You will surprise yourself! Aim high and strong purpose, and even it takes time Saturn is on your sign helping you to win. Rate: 9

  • Pisces


    Neptune gives you inspiration and intuition that are so clear that you just have to follow it. You think about a new job closer to your aspirations and ideal and you should find it thanks to your network. Some friends are inviting you to spend some time with them in a sunny or snowy getaway, you are ready for anything fun. Love is peaceful as you agree on so many subjects. You may spend a little too much for now, but you will adjust in the following weeks. Rate 9

by Rosine Bramly – illustrations by Federico Mainardi
source vogue.it



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