Fashion and Technology

An exhibition in New York is celebrating high-tech style – from the 20s to Gaultier

18th-19-th-century-garments-2946434_0x440 91.241.132-20121003-01-3704632_0x44096.66.1-nd-01-1676102_0x440 cardin-70.62.1-1642479_0x440 courreges--etc.-106966_0x440 group-shot-of-1960s-garments-89057_0x440 halston--etc.-65102_0x440 hishinuma-2001.52.4-907372_0x440 holographic-runway-show-852252_0x440 lilypad4-363911_0x440 mugler-2004.49.4-4174594_0x440 prada--etc.-457087_0x440 prada-2008.45.1-001-690377_0x440 pugh--etc.-408255_0x440

With pieces including an 1860 afternoon dress dyed with synthetic pigments, a 3D tube designed by Pierre Cardin and an evening dress created by Thierry Mugler that brings together 80s-style cuts with sci-fi inspiration, the exhibition Fashion and Technology, on at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology until May 8, examines the relationship between glamour and innovation. These two spheres are closer than ever before in today’s world, where avant-garde materials are key assets.


Sofia Mattioli




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