Fashion Confidential : Why Are Models So Skinny?

Christina Binkley tries to answer the nagging question of why the fashion industry


  1. dumb inustry

    i just feel that it is very stupid. why cant NORMAL size girls also model. they take skinny models just to put clothes so big on them. what are they trying to say? that only skinny girl can look good? im 18 & i’m not being insecure or anythng im skinny but not skin & bones skinny. its asif they advertse that clothng only for ths skinny. what about having different kind of models. like women that are built like sofia vergara & khloe karsashian her body is gorgeous & they also wear desginer but WHY dont you see women like them on on the runway. i find her prettier than these “models”. im sorry but the fashion industry is a load of bull …no thank you

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