Vittorio Missoni Missing

vittorio-missoni-scomparso_0x440Still no news on the disappearance of Vittorio Missoni, the son of Ottavio and Rosita Missoni founders of the Italian fashion brand, his partner Maurizia Castiglioni, and the two friends who were travelling with them. The couple were reported missing on January 4th, when the plane they had boarded in Los Roques, Venezuela, failed to reach Maiquetia, near Caracas. The plane went off radar at 11 o’clock local time, and has been unaccounted since. Local authorities and Italy’s Ministry of Foreign affairs are actively involved.

Vittorio Missoni, who is the head of the commercial division at Missoni and the uncle of Margheritais a beloved figure in the company: family and employees alike are distraught and are pleading with the Venezuelan government to do anything in its power to investigate the disappearance and bring the missing party home.

This kind of incident has a precedent: on January 4th 2008, another plane went missing on the same route and was never found. Weekly magazine Oggi suspects that it might have been hijacked by drug traffickers and used to deliver cocaine.
Anyone in Venezuela with any information is invited to contact the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs by calling the Crisis Unit or e-mailing the Ministry at Please help us bring Vittorio, Maurizia and their friends home safely.

photo © Splash News




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