Tom Ford To Host “Real” London Catwalk Show


Picture credit: Rex Features

TOM FORD has confirmed that he is to hold his first full-scale catwalk show during London Fashion Week next month. The designer has previously preferred to show his new collections within small private presentations, allowing no photographers.

“This is going to be for 500 to 1,000 people. Photographers, bloggers – a regular, real show,” said Ford. “I want to show in London because I now have 100 stores worldwide. The company has jumped and I can no longer service the stores by not showing. So I have to love it and embrace it.”

Although the designer has unveiled his latest offerings in London for the past few seasons – albeit with the utmost secrecy – the autumn/winter 2013-14 show will mark his first official on-schedule appearance in the LFW line-up.  And the designer admits that he hopes to base himself in the capital for the foreseeable future.

“I hope it works here, because my dream goal is to raise my children here,” revealed the American. “I’m very old fashioned, When I was little, I was brought up to say, ‘Hello, Mr Ford’, ‘Hello Mrs so-and-so’, ‘Sir and ma’am’. I want that for my children… I’m only here 180 days [of the year], but I like the humour, the formality, the manners, the irreverence in England.”

The Texas-born designer also touched on the reason behind his decision to launch his own-name label back in 2005 – because he couldn’t find anything both comfortable and stylish to wear.

“I literally could not find what I wanted to wear. I went to Anderson & Sheppard on Savile Row – which is great – but my suits gave me a backache. A backache. Savile Row tailoring comes from military heritage,” he told The Times Magazine. “I try everything on. Just as I do with everything, I’m always aware of trying to make someone look as thin, tall and strong as possible. I’m a perfect production-model body, a perfect size 48.”





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