J.W. Anderson Fall/Winter 2013 Men Collection

J.W. Anderson’s sexually ambiguous fall 2013 men’s collection featured a succession of steely-faced men in knee-high frilled leather boots, ruffled neoprene shorts, tube tops and, in one case, a full-blown industrial-wool dress (our first thought was that it looked vaguely like a Victoria Beckham design). And despite the triple-takes, the whole shebang was actually pretty damn smart—and unarguably very Anderson.

The Northern Irish designer had a banner 2012, with an appointment to the helm of Versace’s Versus line, following Christopher Kane’s exit, as well as a successful collaboration with Topshop and plenty of amped-up attention on the editorial circuit. It’s with this confidence and backing that Anderson is able to push his imagination. Who knew a man in a camel-colored strapless top could look…well, sexy?

The keynote here was the show’s underlying interplay between Anderson’s ahead-of-current sensibilities and the age-old idea of domesticity, with its built-in sartorial properties. Anderson’s tailoring, in certain instances, suggested men in the process of undressing, with folds careening over waistlines, as if one were exasperatedly pulling off the day’s uniform. Moreover, two looks featured white-on-black intarsia sweaters, one with a picket-fence and the other with hedging shears, implying a kind of austere idea of the ultramodern home and what may be stocked in its occupant’s closets.

VUI_5210.450x675 VUI_5264.450x675 VUI_5301.450x675 VUI_5345.450x675 VUI_5374.450x675 VUI_5412.450x675 VUI_5437.450x675 VUI_5449.450x675 VUI_5474.450x675 VUI_5491.450x675 VUI_5499.450x675 VUI_5513.450x675 VUI_5534.450x675 VUI_5573.450x675 VUI_5615.450x675 VUI_5626.450x675



  1. I’m surprised at how much I enjoy this collection lol, normally not something I would find attractive on a man, but this has me in a spell; I can’t look away! 😀

  2. Reblogged this on LAEF and commented:
    I just thought this was something that everyone had to see! Any comments? All rights to blog content go to thecitzensoffashion.com
    Halfway to Wonderland,
    Miss Alice

    • thank you miss alice! this is the exact reason that i post it too! it has to bee seen! i respect mr jw anderson courage and talent but it is a little bit too much for menswear. just my opinion

  3. Marilyn J. Rowland

    It looks like some child dressed a Ken doll in the only clothes available–Barbie’s. Still, when I see groups of men in suits and women with their arms and shoulders bared, I think, “why not the reverse?” Women can wear men’s suits, but men going out in public in these outfits are likely to get beaten up.

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