Stella McCartney Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

stella-mccartney_001_2000_426x639 stella-mccartney_002_2000_426x639 stella-mccartney_004_2000_426x639 stella-mccartney_005_2000_426x639 stella-mccartney_008_2000_426x639 stella-mccartney_009_2000_426x639 stella-mccartney_011_2000_426x639 stella-mccartney_014_2000_426x639 stella-mccartney_017_2000_426x639 stella-mccartney_018_2000_426x639 stella-mccartney_019_2000_426x639 stella-mccartney_020_2000_426x639 stella-mccartney_021_2000_426x639 stella-mccartney_023_2000_426x639 stella-mccartney_024_2000_426x639 stella-mccartney_025_2000_426x639 stella-mccartney_029_2000_426x639 stella-mccartney_030_2000_426x639 stella-mccartney_031_2000_426x639 stella-mccartney_032_2000_426x639


  1. There are some lovely pieces. I especially love the color block dresses and Stella’s use of stripes! It reminds me of quilting which is a passion of mine. The model is dwarfed by the oversize coats and although they are probably soft, comfy, and warm, I’m fairly sure that is not an appealing look for most women.

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