Street Style At London Collections: Men Fall 2013 Collections

From bold declarations of colour to dapper gentlemen, check out what the show-goers wore to London Collections: Men.

PD60844816_London-_2447466a PD60844806_London-_2447462a

PD60844820_London-_2447463a PD60844848_London-_2447478a PD60900671_BRITAIN_2447471a PD60900837_BRITAIN_2447473a PD60900938_BRITAIN_2447474a PD60900939_BRITAIN_2447470a PD60900985_BRITAIN_2447475a PD60900990_BRITAIN_2447468a PD60901055_BRITAIN_2447476a rexfeatures_205135_2447485a rexfeatures_205135_2447486a rexfeatures_205135_2447487a rexfeatures_205135_2447488a rexfeatures_205135_2447489a rexfeatures_205135_2447490a rexfeatures_205135_2447491a

pictures by Zac Frackelton,Suzanne Plunkett/ Reuters,Rex

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