Why Women Love Tom Ford

There is a fashion item loved by every woman no matter what her style is : SHOES. And Mr. Ford doesn’t disappoint us at all with his Spring/Summer 2013  shoes collection that just hit the stores. One word : Pazzesco!!!

Tom-Ford-Spring-2013-1 Tom-Ford-Spring-2013-2 Tom-Ford-Spring-2013-3 Tom-Ford-Spring-2013-4 Tom-Ford-Spring-2013-5 Tom-Ford-Spring-2013-6 Tom-Ford-Spring-2013-7 Tom-Ford-Spring-2013-8 Tom-Ford-Spring-2013-9 Tom-Ford-Spring-2013-10 Tom-Ford-Spring-2013-11 Tom-Ford-Spring-2013-12 Tom-Ford-Spring-2013-14 Tom-Ford-Spring-2013-15 Tom-Ford-Spring-2013-16 Tom-Ford-Spring-2013-17 Tom-Ford-Spring-2013-RTW-2 Tom-Ford-Spring-2013-RTW-3 Tom-Ford-Spring-2013-RTW-4 Tom-Ford-Spring-2013-RTW-5 Tom-Ford-Spring-2013-RTW-6 Tom-Ford-Spring-2013-RTW-7 Tom-Ford-Spring-2013-RTW



  1. The black lace up and gold platforms are both more than welcome in my shoe collection! Tom Ford is amazing and one of my favourite designers at the moment. I can’t wait for his London Fashion Week show!

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