Mariano Fortuny – The Creative Genius

Two exhibitions, one in Venice, one in New York to celebrate the creative genius of Mariano Fortunyfortuny-01-resize-387093_0x440 fortuny-02-resize-14037_0x440 fortuny-fabric-54830_0x440 fortuny05-118811_0x440 fortuny06-102085_0x440 4-4260493_0x440 3-0_0x440 2-822827_0x440 1-1302509_0x440 h-00029793-1035209_0x440

The versatile talent of Mariano Fortuny were celebrated with an exhibition taking place in New York and in Venice. Until March 30th, the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute of New York will host the exhibition entitled Fortuny y Madrazo: An Artistic Legacy.

Developed by and curated with Oscar de la Renta, it is a journey into the creativity of the Fortuny dynasty, one that builds a bridge between Mariano’s works and those of his forefathers and ancestors. An historical excursus that reveals – through the fabrics and the paintings on display – the family heritage and legacy the artist had the opportunity to tap into for inspiration.

Until April 8th, the eponymous museum in Venice is hosting the exhibition entitledFortuny and Wagner: a majestic display comprising the entire Wagnerian cycle, 47 painting by Fortuny alongside numerous engravings.


source VOGUE.IT




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