Candice Huffine – “Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin.”

At fourteen she was told to lose weight, now she’s one of the most sought-after plus size modelscandice-3-4624546_0x440 candice-4-5212287_0x440 candice-5-25039_0x440 schermata-2011-12-15-a-16.40.55-445005_0x440

Candice, model for the prestigious agency Ford+, was born in Washington and now lives in New York. She starts her path to success when at fourteen she was told she had to lose weight, and now she is one of the most sought after plus size models.

She defines her experience on the cover ofVogue as the most thrilling of her career. During the shooting that made her famous around the world, there was a chance for her photo to end up on the cover, but there was no certainty. Two months after, when the dream came true, she struggled to believe it was all happening. She believes this experience has been the opened the doors towards a projectory of normal shapes in fashion and she sends out a very important message to all girls: “Feel comfortable in your own skin.”

During her free time she relaxes by sleeping, seen as she has little time to herself, and, like many girls her age, she enjoys shopping in small stores and malls, where she can find a little bit of everything. When one becomes a model, both in the regular and plus size world, a job can change your life. For Candice it happened with the cover of our magazine, and she says that she has gotten great feedback. People like seeing normality, people like seeing curves. Isn’t she right?




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