Costume National Homme Fall 2013 Collection





Two key pant styles — a relaxed jogger-inspired design, and a drop-crotch ankle-length trouser — were paired with very masculine maxi coats and wool jackets with leather panels. One stiff and shiny bomber jacket had flashes of deep, electric blue, lighting up the mostly black lineup. Ennio Capasa is a master in layering, and he’s definitely perfected the biker jacket. I am a fan!costume-national-002

costume-national-003 costume-national-004 costume-national-005 costume-national-006 costume-national-007 costume-national-008 costume-national-009 costume-national-010 costume-national-011 costume-national-012 costume-national-013 costume-national-014 costume-national-015 costume-national-016 costume-national-017 costume-national-018 costume-national-019 costume-national-020 costume-national-021 costume-national-022 costume-national-023 costume-national-024 costume-national-025 costume-national-026 costume-national-027 costume-national-028 costume-national-029 costume-national-030 costume-national-031 costume-national-032 costume-national-033 costume-national-034 costume-national-035 costume-national-036


One comment

  1. Some great looks, though more color would be nice! Absolutely scared by the knife shirt. I suppose if I was a chef it might be a bit humorous, but taken with the all black look, it’s sort of gangsteresque and threatening.

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