Eva Herzigova New Face Of Dior Capture Totale

hp077capturetotale2013-220x285--eu-4398094_0x440Beauty has no age. Not only that: approaching the age of forty is no longer scary. That’s what comes to mind when looking at the new campaign for Capture Totale, part of the iconic anti-aging line by Christian Dior.

Also because the face of the campaign is Eva Herzigova, a lady for whom time seems to have stood still.  The beautiful model, who will turn forty in a few week’s time, is just as gorgeous as when she used to walk the runway being one of the most popular top-models in the world.

So, it’s no surprise that, one of the pictures of the campaign shot by Steven Meisel shows Herzigova with no make-up, a look that makes her appear even younger and more fresh-faced.

Without taking anything away from her, such skin must also be the result of the anti-aging Capture Totale cream enriched with Longoza plan extract that stimulates collagen production helping the skin recover its fresh and glowing look.


Photo by Steven Meisel. 
Courtesy of Press Office.

 source vogue.it


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