Glass Magazine

The newest issue of Glass Magazine focuses on joy, an upbeat theme that is well represented by the editorials within. Don’t expect pages full of models grinning ear to ear (though Nimue Smit does look elated in many of her shots) instead readers are treated to a series of elegant editorials that showcase the beauty of fashion without frippery. Readers will notice a lack of over the top set ups and outlandish concepts, but they’re sure to appreciate the timeless charm of beautiful girls, handsome boys and a wealth of the season’s best designs.

Photographer – Stockton Johnson | Stylist – Lucienne Leung-Davies | Models – Du Juan & Tian Yi | Make-Up – Ma Yu | Hair – Addy Lee & Jack Chong of Monsoon Hair | Photo Assistant – Tobias Kegler at Central StudiosDu-Juan-Tian-Yi-Glass-Magazine-1-700x494

Photographer – Bojana Tatarska | Styling – Nicola Kavanagh | Model – Nimue Smit | Make-Up – Yumi Endo at Marie-France Thavonekham | Hair – Tié Toyama at Calliste | Fashion Assistant – Kiiyha Gray

Photographer – Billy Nava | Styling – Nicola Kavanagh | Model – Melissa Stasiuk | Make-Up – Morgane Martini at Artlist Paris | Hair – Tié Toyama at Calliste | Fashion Assistant – Kiiyha Gray

Photographers – Chad Pickard & Paul Mclean | Menswear Editor – David Nolan | Model – Charlie Timms | Hair & Grooming – Tim Pateman for Phamous for Joe and Co Soho

Photographer – Jason Hetherington | Menswear Editor – David Nolan | Models – Michael Brisby & Sebastian Brice | Hair & Grooming – Richard Scorer at Premier



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