Preziosity – Eco Friendly Jewels

225643-130359640375467-106486189429479-207220-4659662-n-2690772_0x440 225643-130359653708799-106486189429479-207224-108244-n-1897101_0x440 263523-140485359362895-106486189429479-267474-7158939-n-1539922_0x440 253697-134766733268593-100002058018572-225455-807547-n-1474064_0x440 225673-130363470375084-106486189429479-207248-1826809-n-1697203_0x440 320064-171451162933483-100002058018572-347427-4867842-n-1899240_0x440 270032-140488499362581-106486189429479-267514-2460724-n-2291089_0x440 270032-140488492695915-106486189429479-267512-8028411-n-158020_0x440 264583-140489169362514-106486189429479-267515-7995563-n-701191_0x440 224752-130359107042187-106486189429479-207217-8157366-n-2946404_0x440 224752-130359103708854-106486189429479-207216-1802170-n-909171_0x440 224680-130363070375124-106486189429479-207244-937987-n-752192_0x440 189531-120260504718714-106486189429479-148772-7394909-n-31283_0x440 184324-114433371968094-106486189429479-109830-4749207-n-194484_0x440 184324-114433365301428-106486189429479-109828-5860571-n-448745_0x440 184317-116925245052240-106486189429479-126598-7794897-n-256394_0x440 183883-114431335301631-106486189429479-109819-600245-n-46724_0x440 181476-107238996020865-106486189429479-48273-6011587-n-33818_0x440 181476-107238982687533-106486189429479-48271-180446-n-3036593_0x440Debora Cannas starts her adventure in February 2010 and picks the effective and simple name of Preziosity.

From recycled materials to jewelry, this is the path followed. And the material leading the game is mainly plastic from bottles of various kinds: water, shampoo, bubble bath, fabric softener bottles. But also other unusual material have found their own space, like cell phone recharge cards, cleaned bolts, electric wire.

It must have been the atmosphere at the IAAD– Istituto d’arte applicata e design – or the three following years of industrial design that inspired  Debora’s “all in plastic”project, which is, besides, the name of one her necklaces.

In Turin, her hometown, her creations are available in two stores: ViaVai and Crim Shop.

Her biggest final goal is finding a workshop to combine the creative and the commercial side, and not only regarding jewelry. Clothing and accessories are also among her activities that for the time being will remain on the background.

Meanwhile, she is on sale on Etsy and has taken part in Paratissima 2011, now in its seventh edition.

Silvia Pisanu




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