Amy Lemons A Model With A Mission

 Amy Lemons is making it her mission to promote a healthy body image for young womenamy1-2716942_0x440 amy2-2128108_0x440 amy4-15569_0x440 amy6-91539_0x440 amy7-1841921_0x440 amy8-408014_0x440 amy9-532231_0x440 amy10-2040412_0x440 look-1-3131523_0x440 look-2-1711365_0x440 look-4-280587_0x440Name

Amy Lemons.


Amy grew up in Richmond Virginia like any normal girl. Her life was full of school, dances, dating, sports and friends. She had the same joys, disappointments, challenges and insecurities as anyone her age. Then it all changed. At fourteen, her dentist’s secretary suggested she try modeling because she was tall and had the all American look. The local modeling agency sent her pictures to New York and before she realized what was going on, she was signed with one of the top agencies in the world and working with amazing photographers like Bruce Weber andSteven Meisel. Her second job was the ultimate dream job for a girl from Richmond, working with Kate Moss for the Calvin Kleincampaign. From that point on, she worked for everyone from Abercrombie to Louis Vuitton, from Versace to ValentinoHilfigerRalph Lauren, basically everyone. She traveled the world, balancing school with a career that included covers of Bazaar, Vogue, andEuropean Marie Claire. She loved it, until…

She noticed people were making comments about her size, some mild, some blatantly rude.  She would hear things like “you are a pretty girl, but slightly “too healthy” for my taste”.  As a lifelong athlete, she was fine with this initially. Then she realized it wasn’t even remotely a compliment. Things had to change.Amy signed with Ford+ in January 2009 where she started working immediately. Her client list includes; Elena Mirò, Ralph Lauren, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Evans and magazines Elleand Glamour to name a few.


Amy has recently relocated back to New York, having just earned her bachelor’s degree from UCLA.


Snowboading, fishing, concerts, animals, soccer, darts.


Model of the year 2007.


“Flat I’m tall!”


“Lots, I love vintage jewelry.”


Natural beachy.

Public style

Vintages dresses with tight belt and waist, red lipstick.

Private style

Leggings or jeans.

Fashion tip

Always use sunscreen and have a great tailor.

Good habits

Healthy eating and working out.

Bad habit

Biting nails.

She loves

Vintage Rolexes, diamonds, a great dinner or movie.

She hates

Traffic, licking fingers.

Obsessed with

Micro pigs and french bulldogs.

Favorite dress

“My new Missoni gown.”

Favorite city


Favorite Music

Avett Brothers, Bluegrass, My Morning Jacket.

Favorite Food


Favorite Drink


Favorite Book

Special Topics in Calamity Physics.

Favorite Movie

Crazy Heart.

Favorite places to shop

Zara, H&M, Maxfields.

Relationship status

In a relationship.


Don’t follow trends dress according to your own style.

Style icon

Brigitte Bardot.

Never leave home without


Last thing before bed

Face cream.

First thing in the morning

Good breakfast.




  1. Amy is hardly a plus size. I’m shocked that she’s considered a plus size model!!! She’s a normal size! I recently started reading this blog, and am enjoying it. I am an artist and I find the creative photography and fashion design inspires my own drawings, fiber projects, etc….I got to thinking that why should the vast majority of models be 14-20 years old? I’m 54 and a physically active and attractive woman with gray hair. And I know a lot of women my age that I would describe that way. Plus size older people often have fewer wrinkles, so perhaps that’s an additional “plus”! Why are the vast majority of models so young? The vast majority of people with the money to buy couture are most likely over 30, and perhaps might buy more couture if they could relate to wearing it. I’d really love to see models of all shapes, sizes, and ages! Why not celebrate humanity in all it’s colors, shapes, and phases?

    • Amy is consider to be plus size by the fashion industry…. or better said by some leaders of the fashion industry,those who make the rules,those who are selling us the beautiful and very unreal images in magazines… it is upon us to accept it or not. it is very true what you are saying that the people belonging in the boomer generation are those with the many right now…. are the number one luxury consumers… Personally,i hate this combination of words ‘plus’ and ‘size’… it just reflects the idea that someone is not the famous size 0. then everybody that is not a 0 size should be so called plus-size…. but this is another issue of the fashion industry.

  2. Hmmmm.. Looks like she could be the next Claudia Schiffer. Thank you for sharing this, very informative.

    Also, I would like to thank you for your recent follow to my blog. I hope my poems and short stories do not disappoint you. Thank you again, many blessings and much love to you. 🙂

    Subhan Zein

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