Daniele Michetti – Shoes

daniele-michetti-ss13-183768_0x440 daniele-michetti-ss13--5--434492_0x440 daniele-michetti-ss13--4--88721_0x440 daniele-michetti-ss13--3--1351849_0x440 daniele-michetti-09-206744_0x440 daniele-michetti-08-1072524_0x440 daniele-michetti-07-306445_0x440 daniele-michetti-02-155873_0x440 cora-1438514_0x440 clover-2274820_0x440 clover--3--0_0x440 cailey-132188_0x440 cabiria-127538_0x440 briony-2742_0x440 blondie-396364_0x440 blasa-299585_0x440 blanche-2390370_0x440 betsabea-2542054_0x440 berry-2113711_0x440 belise-461215_0x440 badu--2--346283_0x440He started out with interior design but then Daniele Michetti chose fashion to design something made into a whole with the image of the purchaser. He has worked for small businesses like Santoni and Raparo, and for big brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and Burberry Prorsum and won the contest Who is On Next? in the accessories category. The tool for success is creating shoewear. For him “accessories  are defining. They are the foundation of the aesthetic construction.”
The Spring Summer 2013 collection is the result of a trip to Miami, a patchwork blending the contrasting souls of the city: the spirit of an ideal metropolis and the warm and fascinating one coming from nearby Cuba. Ethnic groups blend, combining modernity and African craftsmanship, the latter visible in the woven texture of his pumps. Graphic, linear and minimalist elements are mixed with the ever-bubbling flavor of melting pot cultures. Hence the optical triangles, metallic eyelets and impulsive cuts. Calfskin, tassels, kid and suede are mixed with tribal prints on the back side of the shoes or heels.

Born in
Corridonia in 1976.

Technical high school in surveying, a course at Marangoni and a specific technical course in shoewear at the CERCAL-San Mauro.

The professional turning point
“The 2008 collaboration with Yves Saint Laurent and winning Who is On Next?, for the accessories category, in 2009”.

The personal turning point
“Meeting Francesco Russo; he was among the first to appreciate my work, to express his admiration and take care of my creativity. He taught me to play down some excesses, orienting me towards the study of minimalism; and that sexy must never turn into tacky. In order to work with him I left Yves Saint Laurent for Sergio Rossi, the house of which he is creative director”.

Personality-wise he is
“Extroverted, curious, innovative, a perfectionist, impetuous and at times sulky. These traits also characterize my personality as a designer. There is no indistinctness between the man and the creative, because my job is my life and vice versa.”

The strongest point of your collections
“Bringing myself in the production. So what makes the product strong are the elements that remain the essential standards of my aptitude: making shoes that will not decay with time, that are technically valid, refined, sophisticated, eclectic and recognizable.”

You would never be able to
“Work with someone that sees my product as inconsistent with my stylistic conception. Being always yourself makes everything much simpler in this job.”

Designers and fashion contests
“Contests, especially in Italy, provide a great showcase but after that you need to get going by yourself. For me it has been as useful as it was harmful. I gained huge visibility as a brand but no one prepared me for that.”

What’s next…
“Working on the Daniele Michetti brand, planning it in such a way to make it last. Also, I would like to be the artistic director of a big brand.”


source vogue.it




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