Missoni Men Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

_MIS0007.450x675 _MIS0015.450x675 _MIS0026.450x675 _MIS0035.450x675 _MIS0043.450x675 _MIS0053.450x675 _MIS0061.450x675 _MIS0071.450x675 _MIS0079.450x675 _MIS0087.450x675 _MIS0095.450x675 _MIS0136.450x675 _MIS0144.450x675 _MIS0160.450x675 _MIS0166.450x675 _MIS0176.450x675 _MIS0193.450x675 _MIS0218.450x675 _MIS0226.450x675 _MIS0234.450x675 _MIS0244.450x675 _MIS0260.450x675 _MIS0276.450x675 _MIS0284.450x675 _MIS0308.450x675 _MIS0315.450x675Angela Missoni, sister of Vittorio Missoni, whose plane went missing on Jan. 4, issued a statement confirming that the fal show would take place as scheduled, as “at this difficult moment for my family and our company,  the firm must continue its activities.”

Missoni stated: “I will be backstage as always to complete my work on the collection, but I will not give any interview or make any statement and I trust in your collaboration in order for the show to take place without glitches.There will not be any other member of the family present.”

Missoni said the search for her brother, his life partner, their two friends and two pilots, will “continue in all possible directions until we have found them. We don’t want to leave anything untried and we know we can count on the continuous support of the Italian and Venezuelan authorities, whose constant involvement is infinitely appreciated.”

She also noted that the “affection and solidarity” the family has received over the past days are “a great comfort for my family and give us strength to continue to hope.”

On Saturday, a report from Caracas, Venezuela, on Italy’s wire service Ansa said a blip on a Venezuelan Army radar “can identify the location” where the twin-engine plane “may have suddenly lost altitude” en route from the Los Roques archipelago to Caracas on Jan. 4.

Ansa attributed the assertion to the Italian embassy in that city. “It is an area where the ocean floor reaches a depth of 2,000 meters, considered too many for the instrumentations momentarily available,” the Italian embassy said.

“The Venezuelan and Italian authorities are coming to an agreement to continue the search beyond the expected eight days, focusing resources on a defined area and through means that may be more useful.”

Source WWD.com


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