Tara Lynn – A Very Curvy Breathtaking Beauty

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Tara Lynn.

Famous for
Being a plus size model.

What they say about her

She has been photographed for The Size Issuefor V Magazine.She has conquered the front pages of French Elle, with a twenty page article.


She graduated with a degree in languages and speaks fluent French and Arabic and she also knows a bit Spanish thanks to matters of love.Her boyfriend is in fact half Spanish, half Venezuelan and owns a small restaurant in Seattle which specializes in Latino dishes. Tara adores his tapas and his Cuban bocadillos.She travels a lot with work, something which she loves, but she really misses her friends. She does a lot of Yoga.

Favourite City

Favourite Food
Anything organic. She loves to cook at home.

Favourite drink

Favourite band
Radiohead and Smashing Pumpkins. When she is in New York she also goes to clubs to listen to live music.

Favourite book

Favorite shop

Re-Dress, Brooklyn.

Favourite Designers
She loves Bulgari but recently she’s gone mad over Christian Dior. Of course she adores Marina Rinaldi, who was the first brand to really appreciate the shape of curvy women.

Personal Style
She likes to wear comfortable clothes. During the day she wears flat shoes or trainers but in the evening she prefers to put on heels. Her favorite piece of clothing is a simple H&M dress.

Style Icon
She doesn’t have one.

First thing in the morning

She has a substantial breakfast

Last thing before bed

She brushes her teeth.


Relationship status
She is going out with Alejandro, with whom she loves to visit Venezuela to visit his family.


Lives in

source vogue.it


  1. So nice to see a REAL body photographed as a model. when I was growing up this shape was the norm. Skinny was not attractive at all. I dreamed of growing into a Anna Magnani or Sophia Loren or Jane Mansfield. They had gorgeous bodies. Luv this post. I would love to afford a model like this.

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