Cartoon Couture Collections

jerome-lamaar 179261_10_600 179261_9_600 179261_8_600 179261_7_600 179261_6_600 179261_5_600 179261_4_600 179261_3_600 179261_2_600Though beautiful models are usually the top selection when showing off the newest collections, The StyleMonk has decided to take another route and replace the typical models with some very beloved and famous cartoon characters.

Some of the fiercest, albeit unexpected ladies in the cartoon world have been sketched out to look fabulous in such prominent designers like Pierre Balmain, Balenciaga and Givenchy. Taking them out of their usual outfits, infamous characters as the Sailor Moon crew, Betty Boop and Daria get a modern and arguably needed upgrade with the most fabulous of threads, while still maintaining their signature looks.

With these contemporary new looks in toe, Jerome Lamaar seamlessly integrates these beloved characters into the modern world of style.

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  1. emilyannfrances

    I loved Jem and the Holograms. I wonder what the top designers could do for Betty and Veronica of “Archie Comics”?

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