The Jana Spiked BCBG Clutch Bag

179428_1_600 179428_2_600 179428_3_600 179428_4_600The Jana Spiked Bcbgmaxazria Clutch Bag is a ferocious piece of equipment for those ready to make a killing out on the town.

The clutch is a black snake leather hard shell, which is already a chic statement piece in itself, and the intimidating spikes are situated every which way. These spikes really make the clutch stand out to add an extra dose of fierceness to it. The clutch is completed with silver finishings and comes with a silver strap, which allows you to decide whether you want to wear it on your shoulder or carry it around in your hands.

Though the Jana Spiked Bcbgmaxazria clutch bag is totally fabulous, you may have to be careful as the multitude of spikes dotted on its sides is just asking for an accident to happen.



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