Numero Tokyo : Tribe Editorial

179399_1_600 179399_2_600 179399_3_600 179399_4_600 179399_5_600 179399_6_600 179399_7_600 179399_8_600The Numero Tokyo December 2012 Toni’s Tribe editorial shines light upon an eccentric warlike style of dress. Stylist Katie Mossman accentuated model Toni Garrn’s features through heavy furs, light feathers and aggressive headpieces, playing up on many of this winters in-vogue motifs.

Photographer Nino Munoz captured Garrn within these opulent outfits. Black and white lenses teased out the sheer dimension of the pieces which seemed to pop out in each shot. Where color was present, viewers got to take in a tantalizing array of yellows, pinks, oranges and blues, an direct indication of Mossman’s uninhibited approach to this December 2012 issue of the Numero Tokyo publication. Garrn’s flowing tresses also teased out an animal-like theme, fitting for the nomadic scene.



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