Spikes And Studs By Nour Hammour


It’s all in the details – a style code that is simple, straightforward and most importantly, strikingly accurate. Born in Washington D.C. but raised in Paris, luxury designer Nour Hammour certainly understands this concept, as it is expertly utilized in all of her exquisite designs.

Nour started her adventure in the fashion world simply by embellishing outerwear for herself, family and friends. Through word of mouth, the unique talents of Nour Hammour became topic of conversation among the fashionistas worldwide, ultimately earning her one-of-a-kind designs and luxurious pieces spots in boutiques from Europe to the Middle East. While attending the Istituto Marangoni in Paris, Nour met California-native Erin Cornry Webb, and soon after the two started the namesake collection Nour Hammour.

With edgy leather jackets embellished to perfection and dainty and demur silk tops, Nour has expertly created a line for the woman that doesn’t want to be pigeonholed into a specific style. Why must one be gothic, or tomboy, or girly or bohemian? Why can’t a woman have it all? This collection gives ladies the opportunity to showcase a range of personalities with a variety of different designs.

The foundation of each item contains a clean and minimalist silhouette draped in beautiful embellishments that include metal rivets, gleaming Swarovski crystals and lush and decadent furs. While the aesthetic of the collection has many youthful attributes, it is far from juvenile, maintaining refined sophistication through the use of quality materials, flattering silhouettes and crisp lines.

Through an assortment of leathers, colors and details, the label’s winter collection contains a twinge of rebellion through the use of perfectly punctuated studding and expert quilting. Since the brand started with customization, they have maintained this feature to this day, working with buyers to make their own made-to-order jackets. Prices range from €700 to €2,000 (approximately $919 to $2625.)

source justluxe.com



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