A Look Inside Christian Louboutin’s World

christian-louboutin-the-selby-18-600x900Christian Louboutin is known for his red soles which promise to step up the oomph factor in the wearer’s stride. The iconic designer’s red-lacquered shoes make onlookers go green with envy and is certainly on every fashionista’s I-want-one-of-these list. We have seen the French shoe designer lend his creative touch to not only shoes and handbags but also rev up beauty productscocktail-barsX’mas tree and other stuff. Now its time to take a look inside the designer’s studio and home in Paris and get a glimpse of the man’s lifestyle, work place and collection! Todd Selby, renowned fashion photographer and illustrator, has opened up Christian Louboutin’s world to us.

Why did you start putting red on the bottom of your shoes?

It is a green light. “Follow me young man…!!!” Style with the color of passion.

What are your best words of advice to aspiring designers?

Follow your instinct. Believe, and only to this, to your imagination. Don’t think technique!

What are your favorite places to find inspiration?

My bed.



If you want to know more about Christian Louboutin, then read his enlightening interview here.

images by theselby.com

via luxurylaunches.com and complex.com


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