Amalia Mattaor – Dancing Bags

amalia-mattaor 98004_8_600 98004_7_600 98004_6_600 98004_5_600 98004_4_600 98004_2_600 98004_9_600Amalia Mattaor took an interesting approach in designing this intriguing collection of shoulder bags. Titled ‘Dancing Bags,’ these purses cling to their wearer, becoming a central and exciting part of the outfit rather than just another accessory.

Made from fish leather and decorated with elegant studs and chains, these bags are beyond stunning.

Amalia Mattaor’s Dancing Bags can be worn around your arms in a binding fashion. The bags are featured in different colors such as black, light brown and metallic purple. You won’t have a problem matching one of the Dancing Bags to your outfit. Having a purse that is attached to your body is a great way to free up your hands for other activities.




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