Beauty By Elias Hove For Schön! Magazine

If you need a new idea for beauty, check out this editorial by makeup artist Elias Hove for Schön! Magazine #19.  The London based makeup artist has extracted a beautiful palette from an assortment of bugs and insects adorning model Jaz Wasson – the results look much more exquisite then what it sounds like.  Loving the metallic jewel tones in deep forest green, gray, and purple; I can’t imagine you’d be anything less than the Queen Bee in makeup as sultry as this.

Beauty-by-Elias-Hove-for-Schon-Magazine-19-02-600x800 Beauty-by-Elias-Hove-for-Schon-Magazine-19-03-600x800 Beauty-by-Elias-Hove-for-Schon-Magazine-19-04-600x797 Beauty-by-Elias-Hove-for-Schon-Magazine-19-05-600x800



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