Donna Karan’s New York Home

Set in an Art Deco building in the heart of Upper West Side with a priceless view of Central Park, this home is a true reflection of the style and lifestyle of Donna Karan.
Great pictures by Richard Powers, are a great display of her interiors and the art that graces her walls, but I would have love to see more wide angle images of the place such as the Kitchen or the living room…

donna-karan-new-york-home-1-600x780 donna-karan-new-york-home-600x780 donna-karan-new-york-home-9-600x780 donna-karan-new-york-home-8-600x780 donna-karan-new-york-home-7-600x780 donna-karan-new-york-home-6-600x780 donna-karan-new-york-home-5-600x780 donna-karan-new-york-home-4-600x780 donna-karan-new-york-home-3-600x780 donna-karan-new-york-home-2-600x780source



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