Giuliano Fujiwara’s Eyewear Collection Spring 2013

Giuliano Fujiwara’s eyewear collection – coming Spring 2013 – will bring us a fresh selection of new eyeglasses and sunglasses. Two-tone acetates, tortoise, and new takes on the stock black frame as well as half frame takes for those who prefer a little less bulk are all there.giuliano-fujiwara-eyewear-ss2013-02-630x371 giuliano-fujiwara-eyewear-ss2013-03-630x377 giuliano-fujiwara-eyewear-ss2013-05-630x413 giuliano-fujiwara-eyewear-ss2013-07-630x417 giuliano-fujiwara-eyewear-ss2013-08-630x399 giuliano-fujiwara-eyewear-ss2013-09-630x405 giuliano-fujiwara-eyewear-ss2013-10-630x367


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