InAisce Menswear Goes Vagabond-Chic For Fall 2013


Photo Courtesy of InAisce
The Fall/Winter 2013 men’s collection by luxury brand InAisce, “Seeking Aether,” is a true representation of clean and regal lines combined with details that have a definite twinge of vagabond lifestyle. This noble and unexpected balance of themes results in a line that truly stands out from the rest.

With “Seeking Aether,” InAisce gives its wearers the ideal juxtaposition of luxurious silks alongside thick, and at times, even burly fabrics. Effortlessly chic, these stunning pieces contain uneven panel lengths and large felted wraps that are inarguably edgy and raw. Items within the collection include different variations of grey, with coal black accents incorporated into many of the looks.

For InAisce’s newest lookbook, the collection is represented by Ger Dunay, a South Sudanese refugee whose incredible journey of exile from his homeland plays into the theme of the collection itself. “Seeking Aether” attempts to explore the quest of belonging, thus, the story of Ger’s exile and the return to his land of origin plays perfectly in line with the garments he wears.

Fitted and finely constructed, these beautiful looks seem as though they shouldn’t be confined solely to the men’s department. I, for one, wouldn’t mind having a few of the label’s pieces in my closet— I’ve been shamelessly ogling the men’s leather jacket with black fur lining and the grey structured pea coat with bold buttons and a standing collar.

Through the expert eyes of New York-based designer, Jona, an exquisite collection of dark, modern and architectural pieces is born that falls perfectly in line with the exquisite quality and expert design of InAisce’s previous collections.




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