Alexandre Vauthier Spring Couture 2013 Collection

The show opened with an elegant and tasteful lineup of clean-cut tuxedos and lightly draped satin catsuits, which had sleek glamour written all over them. After a short interlude of skimpy yet intriguing mink tops with bare backs on straight-cut trousers, Alexandre Vauthier lost restraint. The languid evening gowns and cut-out minidresses — exposing what not even robust stadium and biker leather jackets could conceal — were neither functional nor worthy of a lady, and caused some queasiness among the attendees. A little less nudity and a little more fabric would have better celebrated the female body.alexandre-vauthier-001 alexandre-vauthier-002 alexandre-vauthier-003 alexandre-vauthier-004 alexandre-vauthier-005 alexandre-vauthier-006 alexandre-vauthier-007 alexandre-vauthier-009 alexandre-vauthier-010 alexandre-vauthier-011 alexandre-vauthier-013 alexandre-vauthier-014 alexandre-vauthier-015 alexandre-vauthier-018 alexandre-vauthier-020 alexandre-vauthier-021 alexandre-vauthier-023 alexandre-vauthier-024 alexandre-vauthier-025 alexandre-vauthier-026 alexandre-vauthier-027 alexandre-vauthier-028 alexandre-vauthier-029 alexandre-vauthier-030 alexandre-vauthier-031alexandre-vauthier-032


Photo by Dominique Maître




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