Anna Dello Russo Like We’ve Never Seen Her Before!

anna-dello-russo-x_2461053a                  Anna Dello Russo out and about in Milan, Italy, on Jan 23 Photo: REX

Casual clothes? For the last few seasons the Italian editor-at-large of Vogue Japan, blogger and style phenomenon has not been seen in anything less than a full, head-to-toe runway look. Never ever knowingly underdressed – unless you’re talking in terms of nakedness because she does like to flash a bit of yoga-toned leg – she is pictured here in chilly Milan in shockingly sensible January attire.

There are a number of firsts here surely. Has she ever worn a coat before, for example? Jeans? And flats? Sky blue New Balance trainer flats? It’s a revelation. She can walk not just teeter!

Of course some things, such as the frame hand bag, have not been abandoned (I mean the city’s not on fire is it? And actually, even then…) But the accessory of the day is surely that clashing orange lead and its neon pink rubber bone. Get your fashion hounds kitted out pronto.



  1. lgm

    I love your posts! Actually I never comment on ANY blogs but I am so…d’accordo! I like your attitude on posts..Not posting about oneself all day long is much more inspiring! :)) ADR without skyhigh heels, flashing flesh and a head which screams “attention” is a rare sight!

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