Masks By Fredrik Wannerstedt

Masks have never looked so sophisticated or avant-garde as they do in photographer Fredrik Wannerstedt’s latest photoshoot. Although it can be construed as a beauty editorial, the face covers essentially hide a lot of the makeup looks. Nevertheless, what peeps through will surely inspire some women. Makeup artist Parie Damni accentuated model Henrietta Hellberg’s high cheek bones, bold brows and full lips beautifully.

Fredrik Wannerstedt, who is based in Sweden, focuses mainly on closeup portraits, which is also often used in beauty editorials. Adorned with nets and crystals, it is only natural that Fredrik Wannerstedt would want to zoom in. Finishing the mysterious looks, hair stylist Peter Johansson worked with very high ponytails. Whether let loose or contained in a braid, they were fierce.181349_1_600 181349_2_600 181349_3_600 181349_4_600






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