Chloé Celebrates 60 Years With A Pop-Up At Printemps Paris

Until March 9, the French house will be popping up in the Printemps department store in Paris, with a preview of 16 signature pieces from its anniversary heritage collection, featuring iconic Chloé designs including the 1983 Violon dress and the 2001 pineapple T-shirt.

This year, Chloé celebrates its 60 year years of quintessential Paris design. Founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion and Jacques Lenoir, the label has set up a pop-up shop in the atrium of  Paris department store Printemps Haussmann to showcase its anniversary heritage collection. Light and airy in the label’s signature colors, the space features a sneak preview of 16 signature pieces from the house’s design history, including Gaby Aghion’sEmbrun dress, Karl Lagerfeld‘s Galaxie dress, Violon dress and Eventailclutch, Phoebe Philo‘s high-waisted jean, Camera bag, python boots,Silverado bag, paisley-print silk scarf, Paddington bag, broderie anglaise blouse and wedge sandals, Stella McCartney‘s Ananas pineapple T-shirt and Hannah MacGibbon’s shorts and cape. Printemps Haussmann has also given over five of its windows to the brand’s Anniversary Edition, featuring the re-issued pieces in an oversized decor.

Sketch: The Violon dress by Karl Lagerfeld – Chloé Spring/Summer 1983 – a limited re-issue of 60.chlo___f__te_ses_60_ans_au_printemps_772914499_north_545x

Broderie anglaise blouse and wedge sandals by Phoebe Philo – Chloé Spring/Summer 2006.la_blouse_en_broderie_anglaise_et_les_sandales_compens__es_de_phoebe_philo___printemps___t___2006_836629765_north_545x

The Galaxie dress by Karl Lagerfeld – Chloé Spring/Summer 1978.la_robe_embrun_de_gaby_aghion___collection_automne_hiver_1960_1961_289852097_north_545x

Python boots, Silverado bag and paisley-print silk scarf by Phoebe Philo – Chloé Fall/Winter 2004-2005.les_bottes_python__le_sac_python_silverado__le_foulard_de_soie_imprim___cachemire_de_phoebe_philo___collection_chlo___automne_hiver_2004_2005_601555157_north_545x

The Éventail clutch by Karl Lagerfeld – Chloé Fall/Winter 1979-1980 – a limited re-issue of 60.la_pochette___ventail_de_karl_lagerfeld___collection_chlo___automne_hiver_1979_1980___uniquement_r____dit__e_en_60_exemplaires_832877072_north_545x

The Paddington bag by Phoebe Philo – Chloé Spring/Summer 2005 – a limited re-issue of 60.
The Camera jean by Phoebe Philo – Chloé Spring/Summer 2004.le_sac_paddington_de_phoebe_philo___collection_chlo___printemps___t___2005___dans_une_finition_in__dite_et_seulement___dit______60_exemplaires_le_jean_camera_de_phoebe_philo___collection_chlo___printemps___t___2004_848162916_north_545x

Le t-shirt Ananas de Stella McCartney – Chloé Spring/Summer 2001. le_t_shirt_ananas_de_stella_mccartney___collection_chlo___printemps___t___2001_974341829_north_545x

La blouse en crêpe de Gaby Aghion – Chloé Fall/Winter 1960-1961.la_blouse_en_cr__pe_de_gaby_aghion___collection_chlo___automne_hiver_1960_1961_728176572_north_545x

Shorts and cape by Hannah MacGibbon – Chloé Fall/Winter 2009-2010. le_short_et_la_cape_d___hannah_macgibbon___collection_chlo___automne_hiver_2009_2010_193039440_north_545x

The Camera bag by Phoebe Philo – Chloé Spring/Summer 2004. le__sac_camera_de_phoebe_philo___collection_chlo___printemps___t___2004__312308572_north_545x





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